Saturday, July 12, 2008

TRANSITIONS: From One Book to the Next

q A transition from one book to a subsequent one may be as simple as saying: “The next book I will be reading for you is called [title].”
q As you gain more comfort and knowledge of the books, you may wish to point out linking themes or similarities: “Here is another book about a curious animal and its adventures”; share information about the author or the illustrator in a sentence or two, maybe with a tag “…watch out in this book and see if you see any ways the pictures are the same.”
q Transitions may take the form of an action such as a fingerplay or a song. This is especially useful with smaller children.
q Always have a display of other books children (or parents) might wish to check out to read at home. Ideally, a page or booklet with book lists and activities is useful and good PR.

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