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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Mrs. Claus made her appearance in 1899, most agree in the work called "Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride" by Katherine Lee Bates. Mention of her dates to as early as 1849 but always in passing and without detail.  Bates verses flesh the character out somewhat and provide a fitting companion for everyone's favorite elf!

Kathryn Lee Bates
Santa, must I tease in vain, Deer? Let me go and hold the reindeer,
While you clamber down the chimneys. Don't look savage as a Turk!
Why should you have all the glory of the joyous Christmas story,
And poor little Goody Santa Claus have nothing but the work?
It would be so very cozy, you and I, all round and rosy,
Looking like two loving snowballs in our fuzzy Arctic furs,
Tucked in warm and snug together, whisking through the winter weather
Where the tinkle of the sleigh-bells is the only sound that stirs.
You just sit here and grow chubby off the goodies in my cubby
From December to December, till your white beard sweeps your knees;
For you must allow, my Goodman, that you're but a lazy woodman
And rely on me to foster all our fruitful Christmas trees.
While your Saintship waxes holy, year by year, and roly-poly,
Blessed by all the lads and lassies in the limits of the land,
While your toes at home you're toasting, then poor Goody must go posting
Out to plant and prune and garner, where our fir-tree forests stand.
Oh! but when the toil is sorest how I love our fir-tree forest,
Heart of light and heart of beauty in the Northland cold and dim,
All with gifts and candles laden to delight a boy or maiden,
And its dark-green branches ever murmuring the Christmas hymn!
Yet ask young Jack Frost, our neighbor, who but Goody has the labor,
Feeding roots with milk and honey that the bonbons may be sweet!
Who but Goody knows the reason why the playthings bloom in season
And the ripened toys and trinkets rattle gaily to her feet!
From the time the dollies budded, wiry-boned and saw-dust blooded,
With their waxen eyelids winking when the wind the tree-tops plied,
Have I rested for a minute, until now your pack has in it
All the bright, abundant harvest of the merry Christmastide?
Santa, wouldn't it be pleasant to surprise me with a present?
And this ride behind the reindeer is the boon your Goody begs;
Think how hard my extra work is, tending the Thanksgiving turkeys
And our flocks of rainbow chickens — those that lay the Easter eggs.
Home to womankind is suited? Nonsense, Goodman! Let our fruited
Orchards answer for the value of a woman out-of-doors.
Why then bid me chase the thunder, while the roof you're safely under,
All to fashion fire-crackers with the lighting in their cores?
See! I've fetched my snow-flake bonnet, with the sunrise ribbons on it;
I've not worn it since we fled from Fairyland our wedding day;
How we sped through iceberg porches with the Northern Lights for torches!
You were young and slender, Santa, and we had this very sleigh.
Jump in quick then? That's my bonny. Hey down derry! Nonny nonny!
While I tie your fur cap closer, I will kiss your ruddy chin.
I'm so pleased I fall to singing, just as sleigh-bells take to ringing!
Are the cloud-spun lap-robes ready? Tirra-lirra! Tuck me in.
Off across the starlight Norland, where no plant adorns the moorland
Save the ruby-berried holly and the frolic mistletoe!
Oh, but this is Christmas revel! Off across the frosted level
Where the reindeers' hoofs strike sparkles from the crispy, crackling snow!
There's the Man i' the Moon before us, bound to lead the Christmas chorus
With the music of the sky-waves rippling round his silver shell —
Glimmering boat that leans and tarries with the weight of dreams she carries
To the cots of happy children. Gentle sailor, steer her well!
Now we pass through dusky portals to the drowsy land of mortals;
Snow-enfolded, silent cities stretch about us dim and far.
Oh! how sound the world is sleeping, midnight watch no shepherd keeping,
Though an angel-face shines gladly down from every golden star.
Here's a roof. I'll hold the reindeer. I suppose this weather-vane, Dear,
Some one set here just on purpose for our teams to fasten to.
There's its gilded cock, — the gaby! — wants to crow and tell the baby
We are come. Be careful, Santa! Don't get smothered in the flue.
Back so soon? No chimney-swallow dives but where his mate can follow.
Bend your cold ear, Sweetheart Santa, down to catch my whisper faint:
Would it be so very shocking if your Goody filled a stocking
Just for once? Oh, dear! Forgive me. Frowns do not become a Saint.
I will peep in at the skylights, where the moon sheds tender twilights
Equally down silken chambers and down attics bare and bleak.
Let me show with hailstone candies these two dreaming boys — the dandies
In their frilled and fluted nighties, rosy cheek to rosy cheek!
What! No gift for this poor garret? Take a sunset sash and wear it
O'er the rags, my pale-faced lassie, till thy father smiles again.
He's a poet, but — oh, cruel! he has neither light nor fuel.
Here's a fallen star to write by, and a music-box of rain.
So our sprightly reindeer clamber, with their fairy sleigh of amber,
On from roof to roof , the woven shades of night about us drawn.
On from roof to roof we twinkle, all the silver bells a-tinkle,
Till blooms in yonder bless├Ęd East the rose of Christmas dawn.
Now the pack is fairly rifled, and poor Santa's well-nigh stifled;
Yet you would not let your Goody fill a single baby-sock;
Yes, I know the task takes brain, Dear. I can only hold the reindeer,
And so see me climb down chimney — it would give your nerves a shock.
Wait! There's yet a tiny fellow, smiling lips and curls so yellow
You would think a truant sunbeam played in them all night. He spins
Giant tops, a flies kites higher than the gold cathedral spire
In his creams — the orphan bairnie, trustful little Tatterkins.
Santa, don't pass by the urchin! Shake the pack, and deeply search in
All your pockets. There is always one toy more. I told you so.
Up again? Why, what's the trouble? On your eyelash winks the bubble
Mortals call a tear, I fancy. Holes in stocking, heel and toe?
Goodman, though your speech is crusty now and then there's nothing rusty
In your heart. A child's least sorrow makes your wet eyes glisten, too;
But I'll mend that sock so nearly it shall hold your gifts completely.
Take the reins and let me show you what a woman's wit can do.
Puff! I'm up again, my Deary, flushed a bit and somewhat weary,
With my wedding snow-flake bonnet worse for many a sooty knock;
But be glad you let me wheedle, since, an icicle for needle,
Threaded with the last pale moonbeam, I have darned the laddie's sock.
Then I tucked a paint-box in it ('twas no easy task to win it
From the Artist of the Autumn Leaves) and frost-fruits white and sweet,
With the toys your pocket misses — oh! and kisses upon kisses
To cherish safe from evil paths the motherless small feet.
Chirrup! chirrup! There's a patter of soft footsteps and a clatter
Of child voices. Speed it, reindeer, up the sparkling Arctic Hill!
Merry Christmas, little people! Joy-bells ring in every steeple,
And Goody's gladdest of the glad. I've had my own sweet will.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The moon is high in an ebony sky.
It’s spooky out here,
 I cannot lie.

One foot in front of the other I go;
Stopping by houses of people I know.

Something swoops silently over my head!
Screaming and crying:
I know I’m dead!

Screech owls, horned toads, and flying bats;
With this mask I can’t see where I’m at!

Stumbling and bumbling I fall-
Now, I will have no candy at all!

Back on my feet; had anybody seen?
I better hurry,
 after all,
it is Halloween!

cMarilyn A. Hudson

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mending Hearts Church, OKC,  is hosting their first ever pumpkin decorating contest for their annual fall carnival this Saturday October 29th, 2011 from 6:00 pm -8:30 pm .

We have invited elementary schools from all over the area to participate. The school with the most participants will win a $1,000 prize and the winner from each of our three age divisions will win an iPad 2 32 gig 3G. This event is the perfect opportunity to build school spirit, raise funds benefiting one of our local schools, as well as bring together children from different surrounding communities to display their talent and individuality.

We are asking for you to help us bring acknowledgement to our students, schools, and community by covering this unique event. We would love for the winner’s of each age division to receive recognition for their hard work, in hopes of promoting continuing education. Our prizes were specially selected to give the winners of each division a resource to help them with their school work. We are hopeful that these tools will excite our youth about learning and most importantly help them achieve even greater success in their future.

Our carnival is absolutely FREE and we are excited to throw a family friendly community event, while at the same time promoting education and creativity among our youth. School’s have been asked to register on our web-site by Friday October 28th, 2011 to participate. 

Contest Guidelines:
1. Each entry must be a real pumpkin or a member of the pumpkin family.
2. Objects, paper, and materials of any kind may be pinned or glued to the pumpkins. Participants may also draw or paint on their entries and/or carve designs into their pumpkin.
3. All entries should have an appropriate title.
4. All entries should have family friendly positive themes.
5. To win, one must be in attendance at Mending Hearts Carnival.

Address: 14818 South Peebly Road
Stella, OK 74857
Date: Saturday October 29th, 2011
Starts: 6:00 pm
Ends: 8:30 pm

Age Divisions:
Cloverbud: 1- 4 years old
Beginner: 5 - 8 years old
Intermediate: 9 - 12 years old

Judging Criteria:
All entries will be judged by a panel of judges comprised of creative professionals based on the following criteria:
a. Originality (30%)
b. Creativity of title (25%)
c. Quality of work (25%)
d. Public appeal as determined by public comments received (20%)
$1,000 to the school with the most entries into the contest
Cloverbud: iPad 2 32 gig 3G
Beginner: iPad 2 32 gig 3G
Intermediate Prize: iPad 2 32 gig 3G
Suggested ways to increase involvement:
-Print off flyer and put in the kids take home folder
-Send a group e-mail to kids parents
-Give extra credit points for kids that participate
-Advertise on social media outlets and/or web-site
-Include in morning announcements

Our mailing address is:

Mending Hearts Church

5202 E 81st  Tulsa, OK 74133

Sunday, October 16, 2011


 The authors is a six year old with a health problem and a bully problem.

 A small child tackles a problem head on and serves as a role model for all children facing bullying, problems, or experiencing being different in any way. 

In charming and sometimes touching first person the author shares the secret world of a child suffering from a medical condition and from peer taunting. Rich in faith, the lessons shared by her parents serve to strengthen not only the child but also the parents. A blunt and open must read for children pre-school to fifth who face any medical conditions, being differently challenged, or other issues. It is also a good introduction for all children and parents about the issues and impact of bullying.

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be by LaNiyah Bailey is a must have for schools, teachers, families, and anyone who works with children.   Available on Amazon or from the books webpage.  See her website.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


As a one time children's librarian and media specialist, issue books can often be great for a child to read on their own but less enjoyable to share with a whole group. I remember the frustration of trying to read a book to a whole class to address a specific topic and the boring story, artificial children, or a text simply not designed for reading aloud.

How often I wished for a book that was a good story and reflected real children as it communicated a value.  This delightful new book by author Donalisa Helsley and illustrator Sarah Harkey, is both.   The story chronicles a day when two sisters of different ages cannot decide on a way to play together because they each want their own way.  At the lunch table with Mom and Dad, Mom guides the girls into thinking of ways to solve their own problem.

The Day No One Played Together communicates in clear kid-friendly language about the concept of compromise and does so within the frame work of a meaningful story kids will not just tolerant but enjoy!  

The artwork is soft but strong and clear without being too cute and recognizes the growing diversity of the homes of the 21st century in its depiction of a multiracial family group. Strongly recommended for kindergarten through third or fourth grade collections for storytime or family reading.

Available on Amazon

Monday, September 26, 2011


Tonya Trimble and her publisher, Tell Me Press, announce her new book for kids called Curiosity With a Capital S. The book released in hardcover on Aug. 1 and will be out in soft cover on Oct. 1.

She's doing a few area events over the next few days. Tomorrow in Oklahoma City she's doing a book signing luncheon with retired teachers. On Wednesday, she's doing a book signing with retired Oklahoma City School Administration personnel. And then on Thursday, she's going to Tulsa for a book signing at Monte Cassino School in the morning (she graduated from High School there) and then one at Marquette Catholic School later that day (she taught elementary grades there).

Catch her at one of these events or order her book via the link above.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Mommy and Me Doggie Wash  by Tanisha Edwards, is a fun story about a young boy and his love for dogs and the doggie wash business he started with his mommy.  

Monday, July 4, 2011

Are You An Artist?

If you are a child under the age of 12 and like to draw enter this contest.  No money - but lots of bragging as your art work will be loaded here - and  some may be used in an upcoming children's book (scheduled for 2012).  Artist's selected will receive a free copy of the book when published.

Illustrations are needed for the following stories:

- "The Big, Bald Werewolf"
The big mean werewolf is rescued by children who use their old sweaters to knit replacement fur for the balding werewolf.
- "The Space Monkey"
An adventurous little Macaw monkey escapes from the zoo...again and again,  so he is trained to be an astronaut and then goes to space...
- "A Lion is Loose"
A lion rides in an open car all around the town....where would he go and what would he see?
- "Annie Oklahoma"
She's tall, thin, and was born the day Oklahoma became a state. Her mother was a Native American and her father a red-haired cowboy.  She had an encounter with a load of pitchforks, an oil well, and  fought off a tornado with a beehive....and is always ready for the next adventure.
-"Library Mouse"
What kind of adventures would a mouse have in a library?

Email your pictures - with your parent's permission - to Child-Sized Stories or write: M. Hudson, 5658 NW Pioneer Circle, Norman, Ok 73072.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

STORIES BY KIDS: The Bald Werewolf by Chailyn, Cheridan and Cherece Hudson (2010)


Once in a dark old forest there lived a cranky old werewolf.  
He lived all alone, no one visited, and no one ever called. 
Every night when he looked in the mirror he would howl  long and loud.
The sound was so scary!  
It frightened people and they got together in a big crowd!
What will we do? Where can we go?
The werewolf was out there.  They knew he was there.
Lock all the doors! Run for your lives!
As they all ran away to their homes to hide.
They did not notice the wolf wasn't there.
He was supposed to be frightening.
With long fangs and sharp claws -
and all covered with hair! 
When he looked in the mirror for the hair it was not there! 
The fearsome old monster was a sad, sorry case.
He had lost all of his fur and was almost bald.
He hid in the woods so no one could see.
He cried and he howled.
The kids heard the noise and tiptoed to a rock.
Peaking over the rock they saw the sad, sorry case.
Oh! How sad!  What a thing to see!  How would I feel  if that was me?
Thinking fast they came up with a plan.
To their homes hurried and and to their houses they  ran.
Soon they were back, their arms piled high.
Sweaters of every color and shape
They sewed it together into a cap and a cape.
Here Mr. Werewolf - we can be friends. 
How lovely he looked!
He felt so fine!
Everyone said how pretty and how he'd never looked better!
As he walked all around in his many colored, soft wool sweater!
How happy he felt!