Sunday, March 13, 2011

STORIES BY KIDS: The Bald Werewolf by Chailyn, Cheridan and Cherece Hudson (2010)


Once in a dark old forest there lived a cranky old werewolf.  
He lived all alone, no one visited, and no one ever called. 
Every night when he looked in the mirror he would howl  long and loud.
The sound was so scary!  
It frightened people and they got together in a big crowd!
What will we do? Where can we go?
The werewolf was out there.  They knew he was there.
Lock all the doors! Run for your lives!
As they all ran away to their homes to hide.
They did not notice the wolf wasn't there.
He was supposed to be frightening.
With long fangs and sharp claws -
and all covered with hair! 
When he looked in the mirror for the hair it was not there! 
The fearsome old monster was a sad, sorry case.
He had lost all of his fur and was almost bald.
He hid in the woods so no one could see.
He cried and he howled.
The kids heard the noise and tiptoed to a rock.
Peaking over the rock they saw the sad, sorry case.
Oh! How sad!  What a thing to see!  How would I feel  if that was me?
Thinking fast they came up with a plan.
To their homes hurried and and to their houses they  ran.
Soon they were back, their arms piled high.
Sweaters of every color and shape
They sewed it together into a cap and a cape.
Here Mr. Werewolf - we can be friends. 
How lovely he looked!
He felt so fine!
Everyone said how pretty and how he'd never looked better!
As he walked all around in his many colored, soft wool sweater!
How happy he felt!

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