Thursday, September 6, 2012


Tulsa area author and illustrator Brenda Napier has written a delightful book rich with values, wisdom, and insight perfect for a child in your life. 
WATERING GOD'S GARDEN is the  remarkable children's story where you will become familiar with a little girl named Rebekah, who enjoys making the best of her yard. Rebekah cherishes her yard.
You will see how she creates all the beauty within. She’s kind, loving and considerate to all of God’s creatures who also enjoy her special place. She show’s creativity, hard work and relaxation. She loves her special gardens just as much as God loves his.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tornado Safety Will Educate and Comfort Children

At last! A fun, instructive, and kid friendly book about a scary storm that is impacting more and more people across the country.  TORNADO SAFETY WITH ROY by E. Moore comes just in time! From Oklahoma City to Joplin to Greensberg to the deep south...storm fronts often spawn tornadic activity.  It can be frightening for children (and their caregivers). Get ahead of the storm and empower children through knowledge and comfort yourself that you have done something to help them cope and conquer in the event of such an situation.