Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Do you find yourself worrying about almost everything? Do your worries seem extra large? MJ knows the feeling. She's a big worry wart. Visit with MJ as she learns how to take off her "Worry Glasses" and take control of her anxiety.  Check out Donalisa Helsley's new book, illustrated by Kalpart. 

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Tulsa area author and illustrator Brenda Napier has written a delightful book rich with values, wisdom, and insight perfect for a child in your life. 
WATERING GOD'S GARDEN is the  remarkable children's story where you will become familiar with a little girl named Rebekah, who enjoys making the best of her yard. Rebekah cherishes her yard.
You will see how she creates all the beauty within. She’s kind, loving and considerate to all of God’s creatures who also enjoy her special place. She show’s creativity, hard work and relaxation. She loves her special gardens just as much as God loves his.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tornado Safety Will Educate and Comfort Children

At last! A fun, instructive, and kid friendly book about a scary storm that is impacting more and more people across the country.  TORNADO SAFETY WITH ROY by E. Moore comes just in time! From Oklahoma City to Joplin to Greensberg to the deep south...storm fronts often spawn tornadic activity.  It can be frightening for children (and their caregivers). Get ahead of the storm and empower children through knowledge and comfort yourself that you have done something to help them cope and conquer in the event of such an situation.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Signings with Sandra Lawson

Sandra Lawson will be at Ralph Ellison Library,  2000 NE 23, OKC, Thursday, June 14 from 5-7:30 and at Full Circle Bookstore, 1900 NW Expressway, OKC, Saturday, June 16 from 3-5pm.

Everyone loves to eat the homemade treats made by The Best Baker in the World, but when her baking turns into a business, things quickly get out of hand. With cakes piles high and her love of baking gone, will her friends and family ever get to enjoy their favorite sweets again? 

Author Sandra Lawson is a native of Kentucky but relocated to Oklahoma 10 years ago. Sandra enjoys baking, sewing, scrapbooking, and quilting, but she is also a registered dental hygienist. She lives in Blanchard, OK with her husband, Tony, daughter, Emily and their 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ISLAND CHILD by Loralee Cooley

This book by storyteller, Loralee Cooley and illustrated by Jillian H. Gilliland, is about the childhood of Barack Obama, the 44the President of the United States. It explores his life before age ten in Hawaii and Indonesia.  

The book is a easy introduction to the life of a historic leader and a a reminder that everyone was once a child. Children will understand  through descriptions of  the child Barrack Obama experiences : moving to new places, being different, being in a single parent family, being part of a mixed race family, and trying to fit in. 

It's is written at a level which invites understanding for independent readers in grades 2 to 6.  Due to the larger amount of text and the foreign words and names, it should be used as a read aloud only with older children and after some practice with the pronunciation. It will, however, enhance studies of Hawaii, Presidents, or similar topics.

It is charmingly illustrated by chapters headers featuring symbols from Hawaii with silhouettes and images related to each chapter's content.   It contains a sample recipe from Indonesia ,Chicken in Coconut Milk, as a way to extend the book and experience another culture. Other helps include a pronunciation guide for names and places, a bibliography, and a key to some of the symbols in the illustrations.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Summer Reading List for Kids from The Horn Book

2012 Summer Reading List for Kids from The Horn Book

Need ideas for some summer reading?  Check out these links and get started at your local library or bookstore.

Friday, May 25, 2012


This new children's picture book, I LOVE YOUR BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, by Donalisa Helsley, is a delight with vivid illustrations, dynamic and descriptive language but most important it models behaviors, not for children, but for adults! It delightfully plays with language and evokes a multitude of warm feelings in combining imagery with word play. Just enough emphasis in the text to make the use of it as a read aloud an ease!

With its rich key theme of the child being valued and loved no matter what mistakes they may make it accomplishes that goal with a sense of warm acceptance, healthy family relationships, and a tidal wave of unconditional love. The ability of the picture book to also demonstrate for parents what their role in the strange and often stress filled thing called 'family' is a hidden strength of Helsely's work. It expresses the value and importance of love, acceptance, and value even when mistakes are made. Love is a word we often toss around without meaning - in Helsley's book it acquires meaning built from common experiences but is given value by how it is applied.

Know young parents who are stressed, challenged, overwhelmed with the new task of parents of toddlers and early elementary (K-2) - give them this book! Work with families, parents, grandparents? Read them this book! Have children of your own - get this book and read it often! 'I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip cookies'....snuggle up with some warm hot chocolate, a plate of cookies, and begin making memories with a little one.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Early Book Programs Develop Reading Children

Book centered programs for toddlers and young children play a valuable role in developing strong reading students later on. Through the use of simple books, finger plays, activities, and movement even crawling tots can be immersed in literacy.  Developmentally appropriate books, play, and activities help reinforce skills necessary for later reading success.

Everything has a purpose and working with children is never "filler" but a crucial and vital task deserving of the best funding, best quality training, and outstanding personnel.

BOOKS!  (M. Hudson)
Books, books, books!  /   Read, read, read!
Hey, everybody, that’s what I need!  (REPEAT)
Read-to-me, read-to-me, read-to-me YEAH!  
Read-to-me, read-to-me, read-to-me YEAH!  (REPEAT)

Apple Tree (Adapted from Traditional, M. Hudson)

There’s a BIG old apple tree!
See those RED apples -
GRINNING down at me?
SHAKE that tree so very, very hard
PICKING up the apples all over my yard!

Repetitions involve students in a fun and positive manner while helping them in the physical use of language (speaking out loud, pronunciation, inflections, etc.).


Be sure and partner with your local public library and its youth reading and book programs.  If they do not have one, encourage them, volunteer to assist, and otherwise communicate how much you would value that type of programming in your community.

Libraries are major players in helping develop youthful readers, in helping provide resources to parents, and assisting the community in fostering positive and healthy families.

Summer reading programs are so valuable to creating readers - and more so when parents, schools, libraries,and teachers join forces to make limited resources accomplish the incredible!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Norman, Oklahoma author, T.L. Standridge has written a book little girls will love.  Melanie Marie Mary Mowry and the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tate, 2012) was  inspired by her years of observing people and her experience in education. The fun 64 page work is filled with delightful illustrations by Jeff Elliot. The diverse, multi-ethnic cast of characters are planned as part of a series of future books as well.  Watch a short trailer on the book here.  The author has the fictional girls interact with scripture and work through their problems using its teachings and insights in an engaging manner which highlights a positive view of personal faith.