Friday, May 25, 2012


This new children's picture book, I LOVE YOUR BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, by Donalisa Helsley, is a delight with vivid illustrations, dynamic and descriptive language but most important it models behaviors, not for children, but for adults! It delightfully plays with language and evokes a multitude of warm feelings in combining imagery with word play. Just enough emphasis in the text to make the use of it as a read aloud an ease!

With its rich key theme of the child being valued and loved no matter what mistakes they may make it accomplishes that goal with a sense of warm acceptance, healthy family relationships, and a tidal wave of unconditional love. The ability of the picture book to also demonstrate for parents what their role in the strange and often stress filled thing called 'family' is a hidden strength of Helsely's work. It expresses the value and importance of love, acceptance, and value even when mistakes are made. Love is a word we often toss around without meaning - in Helsley's book it acquires meaning built from common experiences but is given value by how it is applied.

Know young parents who are stressed, challenged, overwhelmed with the new task of parents of toddlers and early elementary (K-2) - give them this book! Work with families, parents, grandparents? Read them this book! Have children of your own - get this book and read it often! 'I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip cookies'....snuggle up with some warm hot chocolate, a plate of cookies, and begin making memories with a little one.

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