Sunday, June 3, 2012

ISLAND CHILD by Loralee Cooley

This book by storyteller, Loralee Cooley and illustrated by Jillian H. Gilliland, is about the childhood of Barack Obama, the 44the President of the United States. It explores his life before age ten in Hawaii and Indonesia.  

The book is a easy introduction to the life of a historic leader and a a reminder that everyone was once a child. Children will understand  through descriptions of  the child Barrack Obama experiences : moving to new places, being different, being in a single parent family, being part of a mixed race family, and trying to fit in. 

It's is written at a level which invites understanding for independent readers in grades 2 to 6.  Due to the larger amount of text and the foreign words and names, it should be used as a read aloud only with older children and after some practice with the pronunciation. It will, however, enhance studies of Hawaii, Presidents, or similar topics.

It is charmingly illustrated by chapters headers featuring symbols from Hawaii with silhouettes and images related to each chapter's content.   It contains a sample recipe from Indonesia ,Chicken in Coconut Milk, as a way to extend the book and experience another culture. Other helps include a pronunciation guide for names and places, a bibliography, and a key to some of the symbols in the illustrations.

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