Thursday, July 10, 2008


WEBSITES (Always work with an adult)

FUN STUFF:Can you do the Monkey? In 1963, a “novelty dance” became popular called, “The Monkey”. Imagine all the actions a monkey might do and put it to music: sway your arms, pretend to swing from one arm, hoot, hop around, and scratch under your arm. What else could you do?

THE EENSY WEENSY MonkeyThe eensy weensy monkey Went up the tall, tall, vine
Down came the rainAnd got the monkey wetOut came the sun
And dried up all the rainAnd the eensy weensy monkeyWent up the vine again,

MONKEY PLAY (do the actions)Monkey, monkey Munch on bananas (Pretend to eat)Monkey, monkey Stomp your feet (Stomp feet)Monkey, monkey Clap your hands (Clap hands)Monkey, monkey Cover your eyes (Cover eyes)Monkey, monkey Jump up and down (Jump up and down)

MONKEY CHASE (Tune: The Farmer in the Dell)The monkey got away, the monkey got awayAll around the town and backThe monkey got away.The monkey drove the car; the monkey drove the car,All around the town and backthe monkey drove the car.The monkey wore a hat; the monkey wore a hat,All around the town and backThe monkey wore a hat.The monkey got away, the monkey got away,All around the town and back,The monkey got away.The monkey flew in space, the monkey flew in spaceZoom, zoom, the monkey flew. The monkey flew in space!

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