Saturday, July 12, 2008


Story reading styles are individual and varied, but the following tips are suggestions for successfully SHARING A PICTURE BOOK WITH A YOUNG CHILD (Tips For Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers ):

Choosing a Book to Share:
· Choose a story that appeals to you (you will be reading it)
· Choose a story suitable for the children’s attention span (the younger they are the shorter their attention span will be)
· Choose a story with bright, large illustrations easily seen by young eyes
· Choose stories that have repeated verses or phrases and encourage children to join in

In Small Groups or Classes:
· Read the book yourself and get to know the story before you share the book
· Make sure all children can see the book’s pictures
· Read with enthusiasm – it is contagious. If you have fun reading the story it won’t even matter if you make a mistake!
· Follow the visual clues in the book about how to read the story. If the words printed are in bold or large try reading that part in a booming voice. If the character is a mouse try using a soft small voice when you read his part.
· Involve the audience to participate with sound effects or refrains. They are learning valuable listening skills when they join in.

· Use flannel pieces to tell a simple story and allow the children to take turns adding the pieces and re-telling the story.
· Talk about what is seen in the pictures: What can they see in the picture? What colors do they see? How many people are in the pictures? (count them together) Is it cold in the picture or is it warm? How do the people/animals feel in the pictures (are they happy, sad, lonely, mad, etc.). Younger children will enjoy books where they can touch different textures.
· Children act out the story after you have read it to them.

Extending the Story:
· If there is an animal in the story learn about the real animal’s life and habits
· Have children draw a picture of the characters in the story (it does not have to be perfect)
· Learn a song, poem, or finger rhyme to go along with the story or book theme

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