Saturday, July 12, 2008

STORYTIME: Book Theme for 4+

CONCEPTS/SKILLS: Books and reading and authors; Libraries; Care of Books

OBJECTIVE: The children will make observations about books/reading/libraries from several books, pictures, experiences, and discussion.

· Briefly introduce a book by naming the parts: cover, spine, title page, etc.
· Briefly introduce the concept that each book has a “name” (title) and that a person wrote that book (called an “author”). The artist is the illustrator.
· Note that they too could be an author or illustrator someday.
· Talk about the library and things people do there (borrow books, CD’s, use the computer, study, go to story time or play time).
· For one page, illustrate how the words on the pages go from left to right by actually using your finger to point to the words as you read them.
· Have a couple of old beat-up books to illustrate good book care. Illustrate proper book care through positive, fun, and cooperative language.
· Leave time for children and parent or caregiver to get a library card if they do not already have one.


Library Lil
Check it out: the book about libraries
I like the library
I took my frog to the library
When will I read?
I read signs.
Harriet reads signs and more signs


Make a Book
Using construction paper, plain paper, brass brads or yarn, create books. Children decorate and draw/write in them. Variation is to make a counting book. Add stickers or colored dots or use rubber stamps on each page.

Give a Cheer for the Library!
Have a party marking the anniversary of the opening, of an author, etc.

Take “Book” Apart (Phonemic Awareness) (older children)
Make several large word cards of the letters “ook”. Make several large letter cards for initial letters. Play with these during the storytime by adding “B+ook”, “L+ook”, “T+ook” to encourage awareness of letters and combinations. Make up group stories using the new word.

Put the Books in Order (older children)
Make large “books” and on each one have a picture related to a letter. Have children take turns “telling” a story based on the pictures when placed in a proper order.

Create Rebus Storybooks
Give children a short rebus story to color and put together as a book. Stickers may be used to create the images in each rebus tale.

The [insert sticker of person or animal or object] went out to play.
There was a [insert sticker of an object ] in the yard.
It was [sticker of a color ] fun to play in the yard.

Book Time Boogie!
Using appropriate music encourage children to get moving as a closing by doing this dance.
Children pair up face-to-face. They put their hands together and clap; they step back and clap; step forward and clap. They wave both hands in the air and then clap. Have fun!

Up at the library we have lots of fun!
Big books, small books, purple books too!
Hurry, everybody let’s take a look-
All kinds of books for me and for you!

Books, Books On The Shelf (Home on the Range)
Oh, give me a book, a nice shiny book-
A book I can read all of the time.
A book that is fine. A book that is mine.
That I don’t have to share all the time.

Books, books, on the shelf!
Books I can get by myself!
Books red and green-
Books for boys and for girls.
Books everywhere in my home!

O, take me to the library-my local library.
The one we use all the time.
To get me a book – a new story book - that I can read at my house!

Going To The Library (I’ve Been Working On The Railroad)
I am going to the library – just to read a book.
I am going to the library – come along and take a look!
Hey! Take me to the library! I just love to read!
I am going to the library-there’s a book I really need!

I am going to the library – to visit story time
I am going to the library – we have fun all the time.
Stories there are so great, the stories are so fun!

Chorus: Won’t you come along? Won’t you come along?
Oh, won’t you come along with me?
Someone’s in the library I know. Someone’s waiting for me-
Someone’s in the library –waiting to read to me!

Story time Circle Song:

Story Time Is Here (Farmer In The Dell): Beginning and Closing
Story time is here, story time is here
Sit with me over here- Story time is here!
(or: sit right down and lend an ear – story time is here!)

Story time is done, story time is done.
Hurry back and bring a friend –
Cause story time is fun!

Closing (Twinkle,Twinkle)
Hurry back to story time
Lots of fun with friends of mine:
Clifford, Arthur, and Maisy too!
Bringing lots of fun to you.

Storytime Chant (clap or pound floor)
Books, books, books; to read, read, read ;
Hey everybody that’s what we need!
Books, books, books; to read, read, read ;
Hey everybody that’s what we need!
Read to me, read to me, read to me; Yeah!
Read to me, read to me, read to me; Yeah!

Rhythm Play
(word repetitions with emphasis on the capitalized words; break into groups or do together)
BIG books, BIG books, BIG books
Turn-THE-page, Turn-THE-page, Turn-THE-page

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