Thursday, July 10, 2008


Need a creative way to introduce the scientific methods, biology, logical thinking skills, classification, comparisons, map skills, and similar subjects who children who seem less than enthused? Bring on Bigfoot! Everyone loves a mystery and a challenge and this will do the trick.

Bigfoot Is Loose In The Library! Created by Marilyn Hudson

Purpose: An event designed to introduce scientific methods in a fun, exotic, and mysterious environment. It is adaptable to any age group or skill levels. May be used in a school setting incorporating geography, mathematics, problem-solving, and social studies areas.

Activities:Learn About Bigfoot (area 1)· Using books, video clips, articles, webpages, maps, review all available information on the history, legends, controversy surrounding the creature commonly called “bigfoot”.· Questions to ask might include when was “bigfoot” first reported? How has bigfoot acted (i.e., like a monster, a man, or animal?). How large is bigfoot?· Testimony may be shared as a storytelling session.· Learn about other “forgotten” animals or peoples (i.e., gorilla )

Track a Bigfoot (table or area 2)· Follow on a map a recorded "hunt"; what problems in geography are encountered? etc.

Bigfoot Game: two teams play a relay type game where a “sighting” is reported (leader calls out a location in the room marked by a numbered “footprint”; a player or players must rush to “investigate” (measure footprint, collect any samples left etc.), and a player must “track” the bigfoot on a map with a marker or pin. (see separate sheet)· Casts of a bigfoot track are made using foam paper and a plaster cast of the footprint.· Draw a bigfoot picture (using a sponge “footprint” and watercolor paint)

Examine the Evidence· Photos, hair samples (various hair samples to show how difficult id can be), testimony (table #3)

File a Report· Fill out official reports (in writing, or on tape, or video).· Properly filled in reports become eligible for a drawing for a prize (backpack, etc.)

Just for Fun (table or area 4)· Have photo taken with the “bigfoot” (a large painted image of a big foot.· ;Receive certificate as official bigfoot investigator.· ;Have a “bigfoot” snack. Sing a bigfoot song or “we’re going on a bigfoot hunt”

Setup:Table 1. Table 2. Table 3. Table 4.books maps evidence image,video clip bags certificates audio snack

Resources:Bigfoot. (Ancient Mysteries). Color; 50 minutes; documentary; VHS. A&E Home Video. 1994.Byrne, Peter. Bigfoot: monster, myth or man? Washington, D.C.: Acropolis Books, 1975.Christian, Mary Blount. Bigfoot. (The Mystery of…). New York: Crestwood, 1987.Miller, Carol. All about monsters. (Usborne World of the Unknown). London: Usborne Publishing, 1989.Mysterious Creatures. (Mysteries of the Unknown). New York: Time-Life Books, 1988.Pyle, Robert Mitchell.

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