Saturday, October 16, 2010


The best thing parents, grandparents, or caregivers can do for a child is to create a positive and regular habit of shared reading.
Start reading to the child when they are young, allow them to love the sound of the loving voice (0-3), then allow them to hear the proper use of the language (3-8), then allow them to ask questions and interact with the images or objects in the book (3-10), and then later talk about the issues raised in the text (5-10).

Some books are best simply to enjoy them, some to learn from, and some to make one think. Allow you and your child to experience all of those in many positive situations.

The safest way to introduce the harsh real world is through books shared in the safety zone of a lap or seated close to someone who is trusted and loving. There, children can learn some people do not ask 'right', not everyone is kind, and sometimes this happan that make you sad. In that safety zone of care, the child can learn a lesson about their own humanity and the value of a family or a safety net of those who care.

The world may not be rosy and always sunny, but there is always warmth and the light of love, when a child and an adult who cares spend time reading together.

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